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Hard Rock Casino is one of the trendiest online casinos you are going to find. Its origins can be traced back to Atlantic City and the website has been designed keeping in mind the ambiance and fervor of a real Casino. You will be surprised to find super efficient Live Dealer games apart from the regular table games and slots that are on offer. The Hard Rock Casino website is quite user-friendly and offers lucrative welcome bonuses as well. Unlike a lot of web-based casinos, you can simultaneously play upto 4 games here. The website also supports mobile gaming and has a high level of encryption security in place to prevent fraudsters of any kind. 

Here are the sign in and Password Recovery details for Hard Rock Casino:

Hard Rock Casino sign in Process: 

Step 1: Players have to visit the Hard Rock Casino website. You will find a “sign in” button given on the top left corner of the home page. Click on it to proceed. 

Hard Rock Casino Homepage

Step 2: Next, enter your registered Email ID and Password in the respective text boxes and click the “sign in” button. Pro Tip: Use the “Shift” key Instead of “Caps Lock” for better typing accuracy. Also, click the eye symbol on the password text box to check what you are typing and avoid any errors. 

Hard Rock Casino Login Page

Password Recovery Process: 

Step 1: Click the “Forgot Your Password?” link marked in white, slightly below the “sign in” button. 

Hard Rock Casino Login Page 2

Step 2: You will be redirected to a page where you need to enter your registered Email ID, answer a Security Question, and provide your Date of Birth in the given text boxes. Click the “Send Password Link” button to receive the instructions to reset/retrieve your password. Pro Tip: Refresh your inbox and if you have not received the email yet, check your spam folder. 

Hard Rock Casino Password Recovery Page



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